When Matthew Palentchar grew up in Colonia, NJ playing sports with his friends, he had no inkling that he would one day be a prominent Florida real estate lawyer, but now, he has more than a dozen years’ experience in that area of the law. It was a long journey. Following high school, Matt earned a B.A. in political science from Rutgers University-New Brunswick before he received a scholarship to attend Ohio Northern University, where he earned his law degree.

After law school, Matthew moved to Florida and passed the bar exam in 2004. He began practicing with a general practice law firm in Naples, where he did almost everything, but he tired of that in a short time and he decided to go off on his own to found and run Matthew G. Palentchar, Esq., P.A., which he ran until 2010, when personal issues, including a serious illness forced him to leave Florida for a time. He was back soon after, however, and formed Matthew G. Palentchar, PLLC, a real estate transactional firm in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he lives with his wife and his two dogs.